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Consulting Services

Genesis World Development Corp. specializes in the management and consulting of small and medium-sized firms requiring consulting needs in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, UK, and the USA. With today’s unpredictable political and economic environments, it is increasingly difficult for entrepreneurs to start new businesses successfully and for existing ones to remain profitable. Our services will differ from our competitors in that Genesis World will offer creative, innovative and practical solutions to business problems. Too many consulting firms try to develop standard models to solve critical business problems.Genesis World realizes that business problems have a variety of solutions, what may be right for one business would not necessarily meet the needs of another company.

Our services are composed of:

Retainer Consulting:

Genesis World represents a client's company as an extension of its business development and market development functions. The process begins with a complete understanding of the client company’s situation, objectives, and constraints. We then represent the client's organization quietly and confidentially, sifting through new market developments and new opportunities as is appropriate to the client, representing the client in initial talks with possible allies, vendors, and channels.

Project Consulting:

Proposed and billed on a per-project and per-milestone basis, project consulting offers a client company a way to harness our specific qualities and use our expertise to solve specific problems, develop and implement plans, and develop accurate information.

Market Research:

Accurate and thorough information is the foundation of all successful business ventures because it provides a wealth of information about prospective and existing customers, the competition, and the industry in general. It allows business owners to determine the feasibility of business before committing substantial resources to the venture.

Market research provides relevant data to help solve marketing challenges that a business will most likely face an integral part of the business planning process. In fact, strategies such as market segmentation (identifying specific groups within a market) and product differentiation (creating an identity for a product or service that separates it from those of the competitors) are impossible to develop without market research.

Seminars and Workshops:  

Offered to small and medium-sized businesses. The workshops will focus on critical management issues for small and medium operators such as market analysis, product commercialization, writing a business plan, marketing strategies, customer service, etc.