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Market Entry Master Plan

Genesis World's market entry consultants have worldwide experience in assisting you with your personalized market entry strategy. A detailed Marketing Entry Master Plan will ensure a winning and sustainable entry into new prospected markets. Our consultants will prepare an extensive market analysis which will detail the complete new market information including the local market environment, potential competitors, and customers.

Genesis World has delineated a made-to-measure Market Entry Master Plan explicitly complying with the obligations of international organizations planning to access global markets.

To minimize risk, Genesis World will provide business owners a step-by-step approach to executing their Market Entry Master Plan.

Market Evaluation:

Leadership Expectations

Market Potential Evaluation 

Adapting Products and Services for the New Market

Entry Planning & Preparation:

Location Selection

Financial Planning

Choice of Entry Mode

Market Entry Implementation:

Business Process Design

Managing Partner(s)

Developing a Local Leadership Team

Land Acquisition

Local Operations:

Managing Local Workforce

IP & Technology Protection

Business Performance Reporting

Quality Management


Assisting you with your personalized market entry strategy.