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Genesis World’s mission is to be a global leader in the development and supply of a full range of consulting services—strategic business planning; strategic finance; corporate strategy, development and financing; organizational design; operational and financial turnaround; and market strategy and research for management and support staff of firms active in industries targeted by the company.

Corporate Philosophy

Genesis World has developed a philosophy to which every director, manager, employee or supplier shall be subjected. In so doing, Genesis World is enabling its personnel to develop the pride of belonging and the drive to succeed while adhering to our corporate culture and maintaining a pleasant and controlled working environment.

This philosophy sets the foundation of our corporate culture which can be identified as three major commitments, namely:

 Honesty, Integrity & Truthfulness

These qualities are important in all, but they are indispensable to Genesis World’s organization as they give a “Human Face” to the company.

All three are fundamental to management, sales, and marketing staff, production and customer relation personnel to assure that the corporate image always remains at its highest level.

Efficiency in the Work Place

Lack of efficiency in the workplace has consistently been, by far, the largest corporate expense throughout time. The resultant is necessarily a substantial cost increase that is passed on to the customer. This factor contributes, in turn, to a shrinking or negative growth in the long term, creates frustrations and tensions with both suppliers and clients, and ultimately cripples the company's operating results, notwithstanding the unbearable consequences of a decreased cash flow. The whole will favor an environment where « negative » pressure is at its very best.

To avoid the situation described above, Genesis World has diligently chosen the key individuals that manage the company as well as those who head up major departments.

Our objective is to provide an environment where efficiency and productivity are synonymous to harmony, respect, planning, coordination, and control.

Product Quality

Product quality is a direct result of quality control which is divided into three specific fields.

The first concerns the workforce, from the product developer to the customer service representative. Indeed, the control of labor is an absolute essential to the fulfillment of our goal. To achieve total quality, Genesis World has retained the services of a meticulous operation manager whose prime responsibility shall be to assure proper training and supervision to his support personnel.

The second is related to the choice of appropriate business information systems. Genesis World has established rigid selection policies that enable the company to impose maximum quality upon its suppliers. Moreover, Genesis World establishes alliances only with software developers capable of demonstrating their ability to provide the best product and support available on the market.

Last, but not least, is the choice of equipment used to dispense training. Our technical associates have carefully selected the type of equipment and tools which constitute the heart of our production facilities. In addition to their level of performance, the equipment is chosen for its reliability, ease of use and cost of maintenance.

Customer Satisfaction

Coordinated efforts, from the sales force to the production units coupled with the dedication of office personnel in charge of technical support and the offer of quality products, will invariably produce customer satisfaction. Genesis World intends to monitor very closely the relationship between its customers and its personnel to assure that the growth of the company will not be impaired by situations that can be avoided. In establishing control on the issue, client’s loyalty shall become a main corporate asset.